2023 Acura Integra

As I was attending the Acura Honda Classic Meet at Bridgewater Acura. I got to see the rebirth of the Acura Integra. Acura's compact car is back as a 2023 model while there's still gas powered cars left for sale brand new. My thoughts on the new teggy, glad the name is back but not the same as the 1990's models that was during the golden era of imports. Of course this integra is a rebadged ILX in which that name was dropped in favor of the Integra nameplate. I find the car more luxurious than the sport compact it was back in the days. The hi-rev vtec motors are gone with the rebirth instead a 1.5L turbocharged engine at 200hp replaces it either with a CVT or a 6 Speed Manual transmission similar to its cousin the Honda Civic. Revealed at a press event last November In LA, the rebirth turned off a lot of hardcore Honda Enthusiasts after many wished for a coupe and type R trim on social media was never meant to be as it became clear the new Integra was going to be a 5 door liftback instead. MSRP for the Integra starts in the low 30K mark. The A-Spec goes for the mid to upper 30k range.


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