A New Era and A New Look

Seems like its a tradition for me to start off the new year posting up a feature with something new to my car to give it that nice fresh look. Where I left off, I was done with my 8th gen Civic around this time a year ago, before the pandemic shut down the world. During the pandemic. I lost my 8th gen due to my error. So weeks after, I acquired the Civic Sport Hatchback. I finally did a splurge into the Civics new look. which was suspension work. I picked up Eibach Prokit Springs with KYB GR-2 struts which has a nice profile look to the car. I went down to the shore to Sandy Hook and Long Branch to do the shoot. What else is going on the car down the road?? wheels what kind is unknown.


#civic #10thgen #hpf #mhiturbo #eibach #prl #hothatch #earthdreams

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