Archive Post: 2017 H20i OCMD

Being that the unofficial h20i is on for this week down in OCMD despite we are still in a global pandemic. I will be looking back on my last trip and second time to H20i in late September 2017 without the actual show itself not in the area. The Show moved to Atlantic City where its been since 2018. The show has been postponed this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. H20i week is considered the most ticketed car event in the world, in which cars are ticketed for windshield banners, tints, exhaust, burnouts and speeding, arrests for disorderly conduct and impounding cars for unsafe suspension with hefty fines more than one who pays rent or a mortgage. Currently the town has had other law enforcement agencies assist the OCPD in pulling over cars. Its like spring break in a resort town but in the fall minus mtv being there. A look back at H20i on my first ever archive post on the site.


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