Civic V3 Shoot

I finally worked on getting goodies on my 2010 Civic. The attention for this season was getting the front end a fresh new look. I purchased a USDM version CTR bumper from Taegeuk Autowerkz based in San Antonio,Tx. This bumper in which is similiar to the FD2 JDM Type R minus the rounded headlights and fenders but still a nice subtle look to the FA1 or 5 variants. I turned again to Vilar Auto Body in Linden to paint the bumper and once again did a top notch job. so finally, this weekend I finally did my photoshoot with the cars new setup in Elizabeth and New Brunswick.


#civicv3 #tein #truhart #avid1 #hankook #passwordjdm #yonaka #meganracing #pioneer

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