GR Corolla The New AWD kid on the block

With the Subaru STi on A electric rebirth and the Mitsubishi Evo getting put out to pasture a few years back, What will take the torch of the AWD mean machine??. Toyota has finally answered with its current Corolla hatchback and giving it the Gazoo Racing treatment making the GR Corolla which was unveiled just a few weeks ago. This version of the Corolla is a tad bit different than its basic brother hatchback. The fenders in the front and rear are wider with functional air vents on the front fenders. A different tailgate spoiler is on the GR. GR-Four stamped on the Sideskirts. To put the cherry on top besides the car having the GR-Four AWD, there is 300hp/273lb-ft torque 6 speed manual 18 inch wheels, no CVT's with paddle shifters and a 3 cylinder engine. yes 3 cylinder folks. Price hasn't been announced yet but msrp should be in the mid 30K to lower 40k range. With 6,000 plus of them being produced, I'm sure they will be high markups. I did get a chance to see the GR at the reopening of the New York International Auto Show.

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