H20i Atlantic City

As the revelers headed to Ocean City, Md for the controversial annual unofficial event with a lot of burnouts, donuts on the main drag, people yelling "Send It" or "Do a Burnout" and people getting drunk in public, getting tickets which equals a months pay in rent and impounds for excessive camber. As I looked on social media this week, the police have gotten more aggressive which bringing in K9 dogs, tasering people for being unruly and bringing a army of local and state and county law enforcement maintaining the order which is almost as bad as a major city that has had a riot. The mayor of Ocean City was appalled by the actions of this past weekend there. As I in the past have been down to OCMD, I never went to the actual show during the H20i week there. In 2018, The show moved north to the east coast gambling capital of Atlantic City at the Showboat Hotel. I have to say the turnout was good there as cars showed in a meet setting on Saturday with a judged show on Sunday. H20i has a new life in NJ. But with the move, people will still go to OCMD


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