Nissan GT-R/370Z 50th Anniversary Editions at the NYIAS

Nissan is celebrating a milestone times two. The GT-R and Z are both celebrating their 50th anniversary with two anniversary editions of each model. The 50th anniversary 370 Z comes with a two tone paint. I caught it in two colors, white and red and silver and black. The front doors have the classic BRE stripes which was legendary in the 60's and 70's as a tuner icon. The GT-R 50th anniversary comes in a nice blue color with a wide white stripe going from front to back in the center with blue accents in the wheels. As a plus, Nissan also debuted their 2020 Nismo GT-R which has minor changes such as carbon fiber vents in the front fenders. Of course Nissan also brought their heritage skyline and Z models to celebrate the big bash. The Calsonic R32 GT-R, GT-R LM and Skyline GT-R 2000 also ushered in the Nissan booth with the next generation.


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