SEMA 360 Day 2

What went on today at The Virtual SEMA Show.


BBS Wheels revealed the CH-R ll bronze anniversary edition wheel. Its a 2 piece wheel available in 20-22 inch wheel in application for cars and suv's. It looks real nice

Vortech Superchargers has come out with a supercharger for the 2020 Ford Mustang 5.0L V8

For you Mitsubishi Evo X owners, X Clutch has come out with the twin disc sprung organic clutch upgrade. For high performance up to 740 ft lbs of tourque

Turtle Wax have come out with new Ceramic detailing products for the guy or girl who wants to detail their car on the weekend. Their Hybrid Solutions have a line of ceramic products to get your car or truck to that pristine shine

Stay Tuned for Day 3 of SEMA360

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