SEMA 360 the last day

Of course the 2020 SEMA show was a different experience. As said this years show wasn't in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas due to the Covid-19 situation as most of the country is still under travel restrictions so being the actual show was postponed, there was SEMA 360 the show just online. being im a SEMA Show rookie if you want to put it that way, it was a great experience. Glad to have gotten the SEMA Show off my photog bucket list even though I didnt shoot one photo but when our world is safe, I def would love to experience the actual show in Las Vegas hopefully in 2021. Wear masks and social distance and to the Karen's cooperate please the easier it is, the easier it will be for our world to reopen.


congratulations to Brady Ranweiler for winning the 2020 SEMA battle of the builders with his 1963 Chevy Custom 2 door wagon

see ya all for the SEMA Show 21 in Las Vegas

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