SEMA SHOW Monday Preview

As I flew into Las Vegas on Monday, I headed over to the massive Las Vegas Convention Center to pick up my media credentials for the 2021 SEMA Show which was going to happen after being postponed last year due to the global pandemic. As per Nevada laws all attendees had to wear a mask indoors. Once picking up my media pass, I hung out at the convention center to check out the outside of the show, Attended Sema's Monday Reveal which kicked off the show with music, open bar, food and some cool cars such as the Hoonigans Donk Chevy, A all electric 60's Buick that actor James Marsden was involved into building as well as seeing the new Chevy Corvette z06 coupe and convertible and Sema's debut of the Nissan 400Z and also entering central hall which was still being setup well into the night before the big day on Tuesday.


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