South OC Cars and Coffee

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

As I started my first full day in SoCal, I headed down to San Clemente. A nice oceanside town in SoCal with a Spanish influence. Streets are named in Spanish all over the town, but I was there for the South OC Cars and Coffee at the outlet mall in town. Previous to me arriving in SoCal, I found out a A list celebrity was going to do a Tv special with car enthusiasts. Up to the day of the event, the celeb who was going to be there was kept top secret until the day of the event. The celeb was Jeff Goldblum who is known for being in films such as Jurassic Park and Independence Day was there filming a tv special with a full camera crew interviewing car owners throughout the two hour duration of the event. Besides the Hollywood presence at the event. There were a nice number of sexy cars and trucks there. Im known for covering a lot of cars and coffees here but it was nice to cover one 3K miles away from home.


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