Turn 14/Pit and Paddock Meet

A while back in June, I took a trip over state lines to Pennsylvania for the Turn 14 Meet with Pit and Paddock (rebranded from Front Street Media) at the distribution center in Hatfield. My sole purpose of my trip on a overcast Saturday afternoon back in June was to cover the event for PASMAG. I thank Randi Bentia and the rest of the PASMAG crew for giving me another opportunity to display my work btw guys and girls if you want to see the PASMAG coverage, click the link: https://pasmag.com/events/event-coverage/2021-turn-14-distribution-pit-and-paddock-car-meet. this was one of my favorite events to cover in 2021. As I ventured around the huge warehouse, they were tons of amazing cars and vendors. Also some cars participated in "The drivers project" which some big named car guys such as Larry Chen, Samuel Du (editor and chief of Pit and Paddock) and Honda Pro Jason drove their cars around The tristate area to various landmarks a few days prior to the meet. At the meet also Dai Yoshihara brought out his LS Powered Subaru BRZ for display a week before FD went to Englishtown for the events first run in the stadium which was the former historic dragstrip which legends such as Force, Muldowney, Garlits, Prudhomme and others ran till the strips closure in 2018.


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